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Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis

A lifestyle brand for the new cannabis consumer

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I'm back...

Hi Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis readers. It's Jen, and I'm back. Where did I go? I was right here working in the cannabis industry, but as...

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Helpful Information

What is Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis

Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis is a personal blog created by cannabis research advocate, Jennifer Roy.  Jennifer is a newbie to the cannabis industry and brings her passion for mental health advocacy and cancer research fundraising as well as 20 years of journalism and public relations experience to the field.  Jennifer recently completed her Graduate Certificate in Cannabis Regulatory Affairs at Clark University and started this blog as part of a project for one of her classes.  Jennifer hopes this blog fills a gap for the new cannabis consumer and those interested in learning how to incorporate cannabis into an active, healthy lifestyle.  The blog will feature interviews with MA cannabis experts and personal accounts of readers' journeys with cannabis.

What is Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis not?

Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis is not a dispensary, cannabis product, or any other cannabis item you can purchase.  For a list of those head to WeedMaps.

How can I get involved with Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis?

If you are passionate about health and wellness and destigmatizing this medicinal plant, we want you to join our community:
1) Write a Strain Review! Let's let community members and tourists know where to get the best local weed. Email your review to and we will post it!
2) Scroll to the bottom of this website and submit your email address or fill out your info on the "contact" page for email updates.
3) Email with questions, comments, story ideas or any other inquiries.
4) Head to the "forum" page and "start a discussion", "ask a question" or "leave a comment" and help build our #cannabiscommunity.

Why did you name the blog Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis?

Because meow.  Also, "crazy cat lady" use to be a derogatory term with negative connotations such as "spinster, depressed, anxious, etc."  These days "crazy cat lady" has become embraced as a term of endearment, popular on retail items, etc.  We feel the stigma of the terms "cannabis user and smoker" among others, are slowly losing their negative stigma and hope to continue having responsible cannabis use gain the respect and dignity it deserves.

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Who We Are

Jennifer Roy


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Jennifer Gaskin

Contributor, Cannabusiness Entrepreneurship


Trave Harmon

Contributor, Cannabusiness Technology

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