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Welcome to Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis!

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

As I complete my Graduate Certificate in Cannabis Regulatory Affairs at Clark University (end of February!) and work to land a senior level position in the cannabis industry, I created a fun and informative blog called Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis is a lifestyle brand for the new cannabis consumer; our goal is to create an educated and inspired consumer who can make informed decisions about responsible medical and recreational cannabis use. I will be sharing insightful interviews with cannabis experts and health professionals about incorporating cannabis into a healthy, active lifestyle and working to destigmatize cannabis use. Because so much cannabis propaganda is inaccurate, I will present scientific research and data, data, data to share the real story about this medicinal plant. Using my journalism skills and passion for mental health advocacy and cancer fundraising, and armed with the world's first graduate certificate of its kind, I look forward to bringing you a female newbies' inside view of the cannabis industry and to help the industry move forward with advocate for advanced medical research that will benefit ALL.


Company Description: Interested in CBD and THC products but don't want to get high? We won't ask questions...we'll answer them! We're a lifestyle brand for the new cannabis consumer and we want to learn everything we can about how to incorporate this medicinal plant into a natural, healthy lifestyle. We all have an Endocannabinoid System and the marijuana plant produces cannabinoids. We evolved together! Yet, this system has received minimal attention from scientists and researchers because cannabis has been illegal since the beginning of the last century. Fast forward to 2016 and recreational cannabis is legal in MA. The DEA is allowing more businesses to cultivate cannabis for medical research. Finally, more people can study cannabis using actual cannabis!


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