I'm back...

Hi Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis readers. It's Jen, and I'm back. Where did I go? I was right here working in the cannabis industry, but as a newbie in the industry, I decided to take a break from blogging because I didn't feel the world would necessarily benefit from a newbie's perspective during the pandemic. I left the writing, opinions, and articles to the people who could help save lives. I got into this industry to ask the world to stop stigmatizing, not just cannabis, but people with mental health disorders and people most impacted by the War on Drugs, and to advocate for research and education.

My past two years in cannabis have been interesting. The industry has both made my dreams come true and at times, it has broken my heart. But the only thing that matters is today. Today I'm working on an interview I will record with a local elected official on their thoughts about the MA cannabis industry (I will post it on my LinkedIn account) and right here, and I'm researching a blog about marketing in the cannabis industry. So thank you for welcoming me back. If you'd like to contribute to an article or send me a message...please email me at

Here we go!

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