Local #Cannabusiness Professionals Weigh In On How COVID Is Impacting Their Businesses

Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis will be interviewing Central MA (and some outside) cannabis business owners to get an idea about how COVID is impacting their ventures and how we can ensure a strong industry moving forward. If you would like to interview in the next few weeks, please email

Jennifer Gaskin is a regular contributor for Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis and is embarking on opening her own #cannabusiness. She provides insight into how COVID is impacting her efforts below:

1). How is COVID affecting your business?

COVID has halted the construction of our greenhouse. It has also delayed our ability to conduct the required community meeting in advance of our host agreement with the selected town.

2). Do you think there are any ways the cannabis industry could have been better prepared for this pandemic?

Honestly, no. I mean everyone puts in place contingency plans but no one before this would have considered a complete shutdown like we are in now. I think perhaps the government could have been more proactive in engaging various industries such as cannabis, before determining what was essential vs. non-essential.

3). What kind of help would be most beneficial to your business right now from state and local leaders?

Communication and transparency. I think everyone is trying to figure things out. We need our regulators to communicate with the industry and the needs as well all navigate.

4). What changes need to be made in the cannabis industry moving forward after this setback?

We need to continue to have a stronger focus on social equity. This kind of delay and lack of earning potential could decimate the social equity business in cannabis. SE and EE applications are not operating with the same capital as MSOs. I could even see some MSOs shuttering following this. So we need to focus on the most vulnerable in the industry.

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