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Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis will occasionally review cannabis products and companies we love. As fans of Lily Hill CBD in VT, we reached out to owners, husband and wife team, John and Rebecca DiGiuseppe, to ask if they'd answer a few questions for us. Not only did they agree to an interview, but they also offered a discount code for Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis Readers; enter "CATLADY15" for a 15% discount at checkout at Lily Hill.

1. How did you get involved in the cannabis/hemp industry?

A few years ago, my husband John and I decided to leave our corporate jobs in New Jersey and move to Vermont to start a farm. Originally we wanted to start a vegetable farm and were interested in growing marijuana if the laws changed in our favor. Then John learned about high-CBD hemp, tried growing some plants in our yard, fell in love with it and the rest is history. We bought our farm shortly thereafter and Lily Hill was born.

2. What is your most popular product and why (do you think it is)?

Our 1000mg CBD oil is definitely our most popular product. It was the first product we sold so I think it has gained quite a few fans since then! I think people keep coming back to it because it's a high-quality CBD product at a reasonable price point. We get a lot of feedback on this product and it has been really life-changing for some people.

3. What's your advice for people who want to try CBD and know nothing about it? I often get asked about CBD for anxiety in kids and adults. What product do you recommend for that?

For people who are first trying CBD, I recommend CBD oil--the 500 or 1000mg strengths are a good place to start. The advantage of using the oil for CBD newbies is that you have a lot of control over your dose. We tell people to "start low and go slow" until they find a dose that works for them. I also remind people that CBD dosing is very individual and encourage them to stick with it until they find a product and dose that works best. For people who don't love the taste, I advise them to try our mint-flavored oil or to add the CBD oil to a smoothie or their morning cup of coffee.

4. Not all CBD is equal. Why is Lily Hill CBD such a special product?

When we first got into this industry, we saw how much low-quality, overpriced CBD was out there and we wanted to put out a premium product at an affordable price. All of the hemp that is used in our products was grown on our farm so we have control over the quality from seed to shelf. And we really, really love our plants! As you know, the winters are long here in New England and especially long here in northern VT so when the growing season hits, our whole team is super-enthusiastic to be out working with these amazing plants (seriously, is it summer yet??!!). We put a lot of care into them and use only organic and sustainable practices on our farm (we received our organic certification from Vermont Organic Farmers last summer). The CBD is extracted from those plants and added to our finished products, where we also take care to use as many organic ingredients as possible. The base for all of our products is organic extra virgin olive oil, which has its own list of health benefits. Our salves contain some of the other medicinal plants we grow on the farm--calendula, arnica, and chamomile. Plus, you can find the lab reports for all of our products on our website so you can verify that the amount of CBD you are getting is what we claim on the label. Transparency is very important to us!

5. Will you be expanding to more retail locations in MA in the future?

Yes! We are planning on expanding into more retail locations throughout the northeast this year. Stay tuned!

6. Are there any new products coming out of Lily Hill?

We will be selling CBD pre-rolls very soon! We'll have two varieties that will contain our proprietary hemp flower blends: Awake for when you want to want to be a little more productive, and Relax for when you just want to chill out!

7. When did you and your husband start using CBD in your own lives?

We started experimenting with CBD in 2016 when we grew our first hemp plants in our yard. We played around with extracting it and making capsules and salves in our kitchen. We started using these products and giving them to our friends and family to try out. We're both lucky in that we have few health issues so when our friends and relatives with arthritis and other conditions started raving about it, we knew we were onto something. Currently, John takes our CBD soft gels every day to help with focus and energy; lately, I'm enjoying smoking our trimmed hemp flower to help with stress and anxiety.

~ Rebecca DiGiuseppe

Photo of John and Rebecca DiGiuseppe at their farm, Lily Hill, in VT.

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