Write for Crazy Cat Lady Cannabis!

So the purpose of our blog is to educate and inspire using interviews with cannabis experts, health professionals and YOUR experiences with the industry. Have you had a good experience with CBD? Are you skeptical about legalization? What are your concerns for the community with additional dispensaries opening? Have you seen tax revenues from the cannabis industry help your community? Are you excited the MA Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) relocated to Worcester's Union Station? Have you secured a job in the cannabis is that going? What are your hopes, fears, and dreams for the cannabis industry? Ever attend a public meeting of the CCC? Afraid of the stigma surrounding cannabis? Write it and email it to I will respond to your email and we will get your blog post published. Remember to be respectful of other's points of view. You might not think anyone can relate to your "cannabis story" but you might be surprised how many you inspire with your thoughts and even your questions. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing YOUR views.

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